DC-2003--Seattle Proceedings
DC-2003--Seattle Proceedings
Papers and Project Reports for DC-2003 in Seattle, 28 September - 2 October 2003. Supporting Communities of Discourse and Practice ISBN: 0-9745303-0-1

Full Papers

Michael Day
pp. 3-10
Integrating Metadata Schema Registries with Digital Preservation Systems to Support Interoperability: a Proposal
Rachel Heery, Pete Johnston, Csaba Fülöp, András Micsik
pp. 11-18
Metadata schema registries in the partially Semantic Web: the CORES experience
Carol Jean Godby, Devon Smith, Eric Rogers Childress
pp. 19-27
Two Paths to Interoperable Metadata
Xin Xiang, Ling Guo, Yuanchun Shi
pp. 29-36
Search and Delivery of Standardized Learning Resources Based on SOAP Messaging and Native XML Databases
Jane Barton, Sarah Currier, Jessie M. N. Hey
pp. 39-48
Building Quality Assurance into Metadata Creation: An Analysis based on the Learning Objects and e-Prints Communities of Practice
Jane Greenberg, Abe Crystal, W. Davenport Robertson, Ellen Leadem
pp. 49-58
Iterative Design of Metadata Creation Tools for Resource Authors
Wonsook Lee, Shigeo Sugimoto, Mitsuharu Nagamori, Tetsuo Sakaguchi, Koichi Tabata
pp. 59-66
A Subject gateway in Multiple Languages: A Prototype Development and Lessons Learned
Elaine L. Westbrooks
pp. 67-77
Distributing and Synchronizing Heterogeneous Metadata for the Management of Geospatial Information Repositories
Sheila Denn, Stephanie W. Haas, Carol A. Hert
pp. 81-90
Statistical Metadata Needs during Integration Tasks
Ya-ning Chen, Shu-jiun Chen, Hon-chung Sum, Simon C. Lin
pp. 91-98
Functional Requirements of Metadata System: From User Needs Perspective
Enrico Francesconi, G. Peruginell
pp. 99-107
Access to Italian legal literature: Integration between Structured Repositories and Web Documents
John S. Kendall
pp. 109-117
The Use of Metadata for the Identification and Retrieval of Resources for K–12 Education
Carmen Pancerella, John Hewson, Wendy Koegler, David Leahy, Michael Lee, Larry Rahn, Christine Yang, James D. Myers, Brett Didier, Renata McCoy, Karen Schuchardt, Eric Stephan, Theresa Windus, Kaizar Amin, Sandra Bittner, Carina Lansing, Michael Minkoff, Sandeep Nijsure, Gregor von Laszewski, Reinhardt Pinzon, Branko Ruscic, Al Wagner, Baoshan Wang, William Pitz, Yen-Ling Ho, David Montoya, Lili Xu, Thomas C. Allison, William H. Green, Jr., Michael Frenklach
pp. 121-129
Metadata in the Collaboratory for Multi-Scale Chemical Science
Sally McClean, Brian Scotney, Hans Rutjes
pp. 131-141
Metadata with a MISSION: Using Metadata to Query Distributed Statistical Meta-information Syste
Ann Apps, Ross MacIntyre
pp. 143-152
Using the OpenURL Framework to Locate Bibliographic Resources
Gauri Salokhe, James Weinheimer, Maria Grazia Bovo, Moira Agrimi, Johannes Keizer, Stephen Katz
pp. 153-158
Structured Metadata for Direct Resource Location: A Case Study
Naomi Dushay, Diane I. Hillmann
pp. 161-170
Analyzing Metadata for Effective Use and Re-Use
William E. Moen, Penelope Benardino
pp. 171-180
Assessing Metadata Utilization: An Analysis of MARC Content Designation Use
Allen Renear, David Dubin
pp. 181-189
Towards Identity Conditions for Digital Documents
Nicholaos Mourkoussis, Martin White, Manjula Patel, Jacek Chmielewski, Krzysztof Walczak
pp. 193-202
AMS--Metadata for Cultural Exhibitions using Virtual Reality
Corey A. Harper, Nathan Georgitis, Carol Hixson
pp. 203-212
Imagining the Northwest : A Digital Library Partnership in Oregon
Alison M. While, Alan Baker, Marty Bloss, Paul E. Burrows, Efthimis N. Efthimiadis, Marcia Brooks, David MacCarn, Thom Shepard, Cate Twohill
pp. 213-222
PB Core--the Public Broadcasting Metadata Initiative: Progress Report
Gregory M. Shreve, Marcia Lei Zeng
pp. 223-229
Integrating Resource Metadata and Domain Markup in an NSDL Collection


Kevin J. Hegg, Andreas R. Knab
pp. 233--234
Using Dublin Core to Facilitate Cross-Collection Searches in an Enterprise Image Repository
Deane Henderson Zeeman, Joy Bell
pp. 235-236
Encoding Scheme Registration in the Government of Canada
Margret Branschofsky, Rebecca Lubas, MacKenzie Smith, Sarah Williams
pp. 237-238
Evolving Metadata Needs for an Institutional Repository: MIT's DSpace
Kimberly S. Lightle, Judy Ridgway, Janet Kahkonen Smith
pp. 239-240
Generation of XML Records Across Multiple Metadata Standards
Sarah L. Shreeves, Timothy W. Cole
pp. 241-242
Developing a Collection Registry for IMLS NLG Digital Collections
Ellen Knutson, Carol Palmer, Michael Twidale
pp. 243-244
Tracking Metadata Use for Digital Collections
Shubhada Nagarkar, Harsha Parekh, V.L. Manjul
pp. 245-246
Study of 13-17th century Marathi manuscripts: author generated metadata and its mapping with Dublin Core
Laura M. Bartolo, Cathy S. Lowe
pp. 247-248
A Preliminary Investigation of Metadata Description Mechanisms for Materials Science
Sara Barham
pp. 249-251
That was then, this is now…: processes, services and the future of New Zealand government portals
Kathleen Forsythe, Alan Grosenheider, Eileen Llona, Jennifer Ward
pp. 253-254
University of Washington Early Buddhist Manuscripts Project in DSpace
Barbara Richards, Boris Lauser, Johannes Keizer, Stephen Katz
pp. 255-256
Automatically Categorizing Metadata Databases into a Categorization Scheme on a Large Scale Web Site
Dan Noyes
pp. 257-258
Effective e-learning Content Discovery Using the Bath Profile