Using the DC Abstract Model to support application profile developers

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Pulis, S., & Nevile, L. (2006). Using the DC Abstract Model to support application profile developers. International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, . Retrieved from


In this paper, we consider the use of the DCMI Abstract Model as a potential vehicle for communication between developers of metadata application profiles and system developers. We note that it is not intended to be a developer's tool and consider what would make it so while maintaining its semantic integrity so designers of Application Profiles could also use it. We propose a UML compliant model of the DCAM as a first step towards the final development of a UML meta-model that will allow for the use of valid UML by those developing DC conformant Application Profiles. A number of characteristics of the DCAM are analysed and refinements suggested to enable a UML-conformant version of the DCAM which is required to build a new UML metamodel for DC Application profile developers.
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