DC-2012--The Kuching Proceedings
DC-2012--The Kuching Proceedings
Papers, Project Reports and Posters for DC-2012 in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, 3-7 September 2012

Full Papers

Norbaitiah Ambiah, Dickson Lukose
Enriching Webpages with Semantic Information
PDF (Paper)
Joachim Neubert
Linked Data Based Library Web Services For Economics
PDF (Paper)
Lucas Francisco da Matta Vegi, Jugurta Lisboa-Filho, Joep Crompvoets
A Machine-Processable Dublin Core Application Profile to Analysis Patterns to provide Linked Data
PDF (Paper)
Jian Qin, Alex Ball, Jane Greenberg
Functional and Architectural Requirements for Metadata: Supporting Discovery and Management of Scientific Data
PDF (Paper)
Joseph T. Tennis, Corinne Rogers
Authenticity Metadata and the IPAM: Progress toward the InterPARES Application Profile
PDF (Paper)
Thomas Bosch, Richard Cyganiak, Joachim Wackerow, Benjamin Zapilko
Leveraging the DDI Model for Linked Statistical Data in the Social, Behavioural, and Economic Sciences
PDF (Paper)
Maja Žumer, Marcia Lei Zeng, Marjorie MK Hlava
A Domain Model for Describing and Accessing KOS Resources: Report of Processes in Developing a KOS Description Metadata Application Profile
PDF (Paper)
Tsunagu Honma, Mitsuharu Nagamori, Shigeo Sugimoto
A Model to Support Interpretation of Embedded Metadata without Formal Schema by Linking a Metadata Instance to DCMI Description Set Profiles
PDF (Paper)
Lampang Manmart, Nisachol Chamnongsri, Vilas Wuwongse, Shigeo Sugimoto
Metadata Development for Palm Leaf Manuscripts in Thailand
PDF (Paper)
Anne Gilliland, Sue McKemmish
Recordkeeping Metadata, the Archival Multiverse, and Societal Grand Challenges
PDF (Paper)

Project Reports

Yves Jaques, Stefano Anibaldi, Fabrizio Celli, Imma Subirats, Armando Stellato, Johannes Keizer
Proof and Trust in the OpenAGRIS Implementation
PDF (Project Report)
Andias Wira-Alam, Dimitar Dimitrov, Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen
Extending Basic Dublin Core Elements for an Open Research Data Archive
PDF (Project Report)
Ruben Mendes, José Borbinha, Hugo Manguinhas
Extracting Output Schemas from XSLT Stylesheets and Their Possible Applications
PDF (Project Report)


Witsapat Chaichuay, Lampang ManMart, Vilas Wuwongse, Nisachol Chamnongsri
Conceptual framework of Metadata Schema development for a digitized Inscriptions Collection Management
PDF (Extended Abstract)