Ontology-based meta-framework for metadata interoperability

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Lee, S. (2009). Ontology-based meta-framework for metadata interoperability. International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, pp. 135–136. Retrieved from https://dcpapers.dublincore.org/pubs/article/view/963


In the current information environment where various types of resources coexist with heterogeneous formats of metadata standards, efforts have been made to achieve metadata interoperability in order to utilize multiple metadata standards and to (re)use existing metadata records by developing strategies, ranging from simple element mapping to complex structural modeling. To address the problems in metadata interoperability, this poster proposes a conceptual framework that mediates semantic, syntactical, and structural differences across heterogeneous standards. This framework functions as an external structure that systematically organizes components of standards, demonstrates component relationships, and reflects the framework of each standard. For these reasons, this conceptual framework may function as a relative metadata framework about frameworks of existing standards, that is, a meta-framework.
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