Applying DC to Institutional Data Repositories

Robin C Rice


DISC-UK DataShare is a JISC-funded collaborative project led by
EDINA, with the London School of Economics and the Universities of Edinburgh,
Oxford, and Southampton. This poster will look at how each partner is developing
exemplars for the deposit of research datasets in open access institutional
repositories (IRs). Datasets are not different from other digital materials in that
they need to be described, not just for discovery but also for preservation and
re-use. The GRADE project found that Dublin Core descriptive metadata was sufficient
for discovery within a DSpace repository, though more in-depth metadata or
documentation was required for re-use after downloading. In the absence of a Dublin
Core application profile for research data, the project partners have looked at the
other metadata models, such as DDI and STFC. The poster will also cover
self-archiving versus assisted deposit of datasets, policies and licenses, and the
need to establish relationships with researchers at key points in the data life
cycle to build trust and user-centred curation services.

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