Implementation of Rich Metadata Formats and Semantic Tools using DSpace

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Subirats, I., Prasad, A., Keizer, J., & Bagdanov, A. (2008). Implementation of Rich Metadata Formats and Semantic Tools using DSpace. International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, 199. Retrieved from


The poster explores the customization of DSpace according to the FAO standard AGRIS Application Profile and the use of AGROVOC thesaurus by the development of least invasive code changes either in the form of plug-ins or add-ons. The objective is the adaptation of DSpace to the specific needs of the Agricultural Sciences and Technology community in order to assure quality in metadata creation. Metadata standards such as AGRIS AP and Knowledge Organization Systems such as the AGROVOC thesaurus provide mechanisms for sharing information in a standardized manner by recommending the use of common semantics and interoperable syntaxes.
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