DCMF: DC & Microformats, a good marriage

Eva M. Méndez, Leandro M Lopez, Arnau Siches, Alejandro G. Bravo


This report introduces the Dublin Core Microformats (DCMF)
project, a new way to use the DC element set within X/HTML. The DC microformats
encode explicit semantic expressions in an X/HTML webpage, by using a specific list
of terms for values of the attributes “rev” and “rel” for "a" and "link" elements,
and “class” and “id” of other elements. Micrforomats can be easily processed by user
agents and software, enabling a high level of interoperability. These
characteristics are crucial for the growing number of social applications allowing
users to participate in the Web 2.0 environment as information creators and
consumers. This report reviews the origins of microformats; illustrates the coding
of DC microformats using the Dublin Core Metadata Gen tool, and a Firefox extension
for extraction and visualization; and discusses the benefits of creating Web
services utilizing DC microformats.

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