Relating Folksonomies with Dublin Core

Maria Elisabete Catarino, Ana Alice Baptista


Folksonomy is the result of describing the Web resources with
the use of tags created by the Web users. Although it has become a rich basis for
the description of resources, in general terms it is not beeing integrated in the
metadata. In order to be intelligible by machines and, therefore, used in the
Semantic Web context, they should be automatically allocated to specific metadata
elements. Thus, this paper presents part of a research carried out to continue the
project Kinds of Tags (KoT), which intends to identify elements of the metadata
originating from folksonomies and to propose an application profile for DC Social
Tagging. It will allow that the values reported by the tags may be conveniently
gathered by metadata interoperability protocols, such as the Open Archives
Initiative – Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH). The results of the pilot
study that confirm some of the results of the KoT, show that a significant quantity
of tags could not be allocated to the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (DCMES). New
properties, such as Action, Depth, Rate, and Utility are proposed. From the analysis
of every tag that is contained in the dataset, those potential new properties will
have to be validated by the DC Social Tagging Community.

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