SCROL Application Profile

Steven Wan Wu, Barbara Reed, Paul Loke


The NHB’s virtual repository project which resulted in SCROL (“Singapore Cultural Resources Online”) was launched in August 2006. This Web-based repository pulls data and images from multiple information resources without the need to modify the existing databases. For advanced resource discovery, SCROL is equipped with a metadata search facility that retrieves relevant museum and archive records which have been ingested from several independent databases. Arguably, the SCROL application profile development has been an evolutionary process that restructured and refined existing schemas and standards in use. The final phase saw the consolidation of metadata elements through a methodological approach that also integrated comprehensive subject taxonomy. This paper presents a case study in designing a Dublin Core-compliant application profile for cultural heritage. The rationale used in selecting and refining the SCROL element set so as to accommodate existing schemas in order to enable data re-use is explained. Future maintenance and review issues are also discussed.

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