Growing vocabularies for plant identification and scientific learning

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Greenberg, J., Heidorn, P. B., Seiberling, S., & Weakley, A. S. (2005). Growing vocabularies for plant identification and scientific learning. International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, pp. 99–110. Retrieved from


This paper reports on U-PLanT's (University of North Carolina Plant Language Team) vocabulary solutions, including Project OpenKey vocabulary developments. The paper explores the meaning of vocabulary; discusses plant keys, plant taxonomy, and descriptive vocabulary used for plant identification; introduces U-PLanT’s research and development activities and current inquiry. Vocabulary solutions presented include a suite of vocabulary tools, a preliminary process model with steps for the development of vocabulary tools, and guiding principles for the development of descriptive plant vocabulary. This work has been conducted to address the student/scientist vocabulary gap and facilitate student access to primary scientific resources found in education digital initiatives.
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