Evolving Metadata Needs for an Institutional Repository: MIT's DSpace

Margret Branschofsky, Rebecca Lubas, MacKenzie Smith, Sarah Williams


As the DSpace digital repository system develops, various metadata needs have emerged to accommodate the differing uses being made of the system. In the initial stages of the project a qualified form of the Dublin Core metadata set was developed for use within the system. Subsequently it became evident that metadata would also have to be imported from existing MARC sources for batch loads of scanned digital items. As the scope of DSpace content at MIT expanded to include the archiving of course web sites, the need for accommodating SCORM metadata became apparent. Interoperability requirements between like and unlike digital repositories has necessitated the creation of an OAI export format for metadata harvesters and a METS profile for exchange of metadata and disseminating information packages (DIPs) between DSpace federating institutions.

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