Invited Paper: The Meaning of LOM and LOM Authoring Tool on HRD

Kenji Hirata, Yoshiyuki Takaoka, Mamoru Ohta, Mitsuru Ikeda


Activity for standardization about educational information is prosperous internationally. The LOM standard is meta-data about learning objects. Learning objects are every types of teaching materials, learning materials, lecturers and organizations etc. LOM is important not only to spread E-learning, also to realize the effectiveness of information technology for education, training and learning. Primarily we looked back on the scope and the purpose of the LOM standard. Then we described the meaning of LOM clearly on HRD from two sides; contents oriented study and design support. Finally we introduced the LOM authoring tool that we had developed. This tool can support to describe contents of learning objects by LOM with vocabulary related to HRD needs. These LOM are a basic technology in order to provide appropriate learning objects which meet with needs for various participants on HRD.

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