The Research of Open Conference Resources Organization based on RDA Description

Miaoling Chai, Jiang Zhu


With the academic exchanges evolving, the internet is flooded with a great quantity
of conference information, proceedings and conference literatures. Due to the distribution and the quality
uneven of these Open Conference and Resources (OCR), it's hard to use these information sufficiently.
Therefore, Chengdu Branch of National Science Library of Chinese Academic Science (CBNSLCAS) implements
Acquisition and Service System of Open Conference Resources (ASOCR)[1] to gather these resources
efficiently. However, in order to relate the OCR to each other and show resource content efficiently,
proper resource description models are required. Under the circumstances, the paper describes the
characteristics of OCR, resource organizing modes and described contents. Furthermore, the paper
proposes OCR description model based on Resource Description and Access (RDA). And compared with
OCR description model based on Dublin Core (DC), RDA description model may be more fit for describing
complex relations of OCR in the ASOCR. The program determined the entity and entity relationship.
At the end of this paper, future work is discussed.