Using Dublin Core Standard for the Metadata Description of Transport Statistics -- Practical Experience from a Project Dedicated to the Set-Up of an Interlinked Statistics Portal

Rene Kelpin, Antje von Schmidt, Michael Hepting, Petra Kokus, Alexandra Leipold, Thorsten Schäfer


The analysis of data on transport developments is one major objective in the transport
research focus of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Following this objective, DLR’s Institute for Transport
Research (VF) offers with the Clearing House of Transport and Mobility a unique collection of publicly
funded travel and mobility surveys for Germany and is official provider for German household surveys
and statistics. Additionally, information about similar statistical data sets and data portals in Europe
is made available. The Institute of Air Transport and Airport Research (FW) as second DLR institute in
the mentioned field provides with the "MONITOR" portal detailed information and statistics concerning
air transport developments. With a set of indicators the institute performs furthermore analyses of the
global long-term air transport development regarding air traffic and financial performance besides
sustainability issues. As both institutes use the Dublin Core Standard for the description of the data
sources in use, in 2011 the idea came up to realise a common (meta-)data repository for interested
users which have the need to combine and investigate different transport statistics. Accordingly,
the project "[email protected]" (Search TRAnsport DAta @ DLR) was launched in cooperation with DLR's Facility
on Simulations and Software Technology (SC) to create an external search and analysis system allowing
directed access to the mentioned data repositories. In this context, the presented project report
discusses the usage of Dublin Core Standard in both institutes, as well as the organisational challenges
and the technical approach in order to elaborate a harmonised metadata scheme for the implementation of
the [email protected] portal.