Integration of Research Data and Research Data Links into Library Catalogues

Dominique Ritze, Katarina Boland


prototype features links between publications and underlying Traditionally,
research data and publications are held in separate systems. This results in a disadvantageous
situation for researchers as they need to use a variety of different systems to find relevant
information about a topic. We therefore face the challenge to overcome the boundaries between
bibliographic records and research data by providing an integrated search environment for publications
and research data. Because of the inherently different system structure and the diverse metadata for
publications and datasets respectively, one type of data cannot easily be integrated into information
systems for the other data type. We present the challenges that arise when adapting a bibliographic
library system to include the additional data and give recommendations for an efficient implementation.
By presenting our enhanced prototype, we show the applicability and practicability of our proposed
solutions. Since our library catalogue research datasets, we provide direct access to research data
metadata stored in remote research data repositories and thus connect both types of information systems.