Find and Combine Vocabularies to Design Metadata Application Profiles using Schema Registries and LOD Resources

Tsunagu Honma, Mitsuharu Nagamori, Shigeo Sugimoto


Metadata schema which defines constraints about metadata records is a fundamental
resource for metadata interoperability. Building interoperable metadata schema has been a main topic of
the Dublin Core since its early days. It is important to make use of existing metadata schema to develop
a new schema in order to minimize newly defines metadata vocabularies, which is a very basic consensus
that DCMI has developed. In order to improve usability of existing metadata schemas to develop new
schemas, it is important to improve usability of information about metadata schema publicly available
on the Internet. This study is aimed to develop a technology to help metadata schema designers find
useful metadata schemas and use those schemas for the metadata schema development. Key concepts used
in this study are Description Set Profiles (DSP) as a formal basis of metadata schema and Linked Open
Data (LOD) as a framework to connect metadata schema resources. In this paper, we first analyse
requirements for metadata schema search and reuse following introduction and discussion on related
works. Then, it presents a set of guidelines to find and combine metadata vocabularies and a technology
to help develop metadata schemas.

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