A Method for the Development of Dublin Core Application Profiles (Me4DCAP V0.1): A Description
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Malta, M. C., & Baptista, A. A. (2013). A Method for the Development of Dublin Core Application Profiles (Me4DCAP V0.1): A Description. International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, 90–103. Retrieved from https://dcpapers.dublincore.org/pubs/article/view/3674


This paper is framed in a research in progress project that has as goal the development of a method for the development of Dublin Core Application Profiles (Me4DCAP). The development of the first version of Me4DCAP has been published and it is in process of evaluation. This paper describes in detail Me4DCAP V0.1, showing the sources used to justify its design. Me4DCAP was based in a Design Science Research methodological approach. Me4DCAP has as starting point the Singapore framework for Dublin Core Application Profiles (DCAP) and the Rational Unified Process; and integrates also knowledge from: (i) software development processes and techniques, focusing on the early stages of the processes that deal with data modeling; and from (ii) the practices of the metadata community concerning DCAP development. Me4DCAP establishes the way through the DCAP development. It establishes when activities must take place, how they interconnect, and which artifacts they will bring about; it also suggests which techniques should be used to build these artifacts.
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