Conceptual framework of Metadata Schema development for a digitized Inscriptions Collection Management

Witsapat Chaichuay, Lampang ManMart, Vilas Wuwongse, Nisachol Chamnongsri


An inscription is a cultural heritage that records archaeological
intellects and accounts of a nation such as history, language, medicine, etc. Although
inscriptions are the most reliable primary historical evidence, accessibility to, and
understanding of them are restricted due to their dispersion, their deteriorating
conditions, and the complications of the ancient language itself.  Nevertheless,
digitalization is a possible means that enables users to acquire the bodies of knowledge
in inscriptions. At present, digitalization allows digital collection of metadata which
in turn explains inscribed digital data. Digitized inscription collection of metadata,
however, requires the development of metadata schema appropriate to the inscriptions’
physical characteristics and contents. It has to be in line with the usage behaviors,
requirements and expectations of the users. This article explains the concept in the
development of metadata schema for the management of digitized inscription collections
through literature review and presentation of the research conceptual