A Model to Support Interpretation of Embedded Metadata without Formal Schema by Linking a Metadata Instance to DCMI Description Set Profiles

Tsunagu Honma, Mitsuharu Nagamori, Shigeo Sugimoto


There are a number of HTML documents which include
metadata on the Web and a number of information services which provide metadata embedded
using metadata standards across domains. Those metadata are, however, encoded in various
different schemas and in different serialization formats, which makes it hard to
automatically extract and interpret the metadata. The primary reason of the difficulty
is the lack of interpretation rules of the metadata, e.g., lack of definition of
metadata vocabularies, lack of definition of encoding syntax and so forth. This paper
proposes a model to support interpretation of embedded metadata without formal schema by
linking a metadata instance to DCMI Description Set Profiles (DSP). An XPath expression
addresses a metadata instance encoded in HTML, and DSP define metadata schema. We
propose extending DSP to include XPath for linking a metadata instance to a metadata
schema. This paper also shows an experimental system which extracts metadata using
extended DSP.

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