A Domain Model for Describing and Accessing KOS Resources: Report of Processes in Developing a KOS Description Metadata Application Profile

Maja Žumer, Marcia Lei Zeng, Marjorie MK Hlava


Due to the dynamic and complex characteristics of knowledge
organization systems (KOS), the need for a multi-layered model to present the complex
relationships among KOS resources is widely recognized. This paper reports on a
continuous effort to establish such a model. Prior to this paper, a general Dublin Core
Application Profile (DCAP) model was proposed using the FRBR (Functional Requirements
for Bibliographic Records) conceptual model as the foundation. The current study applies
the general DCAP model to KOS. It introduces a domain model that is suitable for
describing and accessing KOS resources and incorporates the core attributes that the
NKOS (Networked Knowledge Organization Systems) group has surveyed and summarized. The
domain model includes the entities, relationships between entities, and the core
attributes of the entities in the context of user tasks. The results reflect
access-related properties that are complementary to the previous research by NKOS group
members that focused on description-related metadata properties commonly found in KOS

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