International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications

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Published March 30, 2020
DC-2019--The Seoul, South Korea Proceedings
Papers, Posters and Presentations for DC-2019 in Seoul, South Korea, 23-25 September 2019

Full Papers

Brian Dobreski, Jaihyun Park, Alicia Leathers, Jian Qin
Remodeling Archival Metadata Descriptions for Linked Archives
Paper (PDF)
Eunah Snyder, Lisa Lorenzo, Lucas Mak
Linked Open Data for Subject Discovery: Assessing the Alignment between Library of Congress Vocabularies and Wikidata
Paper (PDF)
Daichi Machiya, Tomoko Okuda, Masahide Kanzaki
Japan Search RDF Schema: A Dual-Layered Approach to Describe Items from Heterogeneous Data Sources
Paper (PDF)
Brinna Michael, Myung-Ja K. Han
Assessing BIBFRAME 2.0: Exploratory Implementation in Metadata Maker
Paper (PDF)
Anne Washington, Annie Wu, Santi Thompson, Todd Crocken, Leroy Vallejo, Sean Watkins, Andrew Weidner
Strategies and Tools for Metadata Migration Analysis and Harmonization
Paper (PDF)
Hollie C. White, Leisa Gibbons, Eileen Horansky
Semantic Metadata as Meaning Making: Examining #hashtags and Collection Level Metadata
Paper (PDF)
Sonia Pascua, Kai Li
Toward a Metadata Activity Matrix: Conceptualizing and Grounding the Research Lifecycle and Metadata Connections
Paper (PDF)
Mark E. Phillips, Oksana L. Zavalina, Hannah Tarver
Using Metadata Record Graphs to Understand Digital Library Metadata
Paper (PDF)
Nuno Freire, Antoine Isaac
Wikidata's Linked Data for Cultural Heritage Digital Resources: An Evaluation Based on the Europeana Data Model
Paper (PDF)
Chunqiu Li, Yuhan Zhou, Kun Huang
A Survey of Metadata Elements for Provenance Provision in China Open Government Data Portals
Paper (PDF)
Yuka Egusa, Masao Takaku
A Case Study of Japanese Textbook Linked Open Data: Publishing a Small Bibliographic Collection from a Special Library
Paper (PDF)
Kazufumi Fukuda
Using Wikidata as Work Authority for Video Games
Paper (PDF)
Sittisak Rungcharoensuksri, Wachiraporn Klungthanaboon
Capturing Research Output in the Field of Anthropology: Metadata Design and Lessons Learned
Paper (PDF)
Sebastian Lawrenz, Priyanka Sharma, Andreas Rausch
The Significant Role of Metadata for Data Marketplaces
Paper (PDF)
Kathy Choi, Haliza Jailani
Singapore's Moments of Life: A Metadata Application
Paper (PDF)
Nishad Thalhath, Mitsuharu Nagamori, Tetsuo Sakaguchi, Shigeo Sugimoto
Yet Another Metadata Application Profile (YAMA): Authoring, Versioning and Publishing of Application Profiles
Paper (PDF)
Mairelys Lemus-Rojas, You Young Lee
Using Wikidata to Provide Visibility to Women in STEM
Paper (PDF)
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