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DC-2006--Colima, Mexico Proceedings Using FRBR for the selection and adaptation of accessible resources Abstract   PDF
Ayako Morozumi, Mitsuharu Nagamori, Liddy Nevile, Shigeo Sugimoto
DC-2015--The São Paulo Proceedings Using Metadata for Interoperability of Species Distribution Models Abstract   PDF (Poster)
Cleverton Ferreira Borba, Pedro Luiz Pizzigatti Correa
DC-2009--Seoul Proceedings Using Metadata for Query Refinement and Recommendation Abstract   PDF
Jian Qin, Xiaozhong Liu, Xia Lin, Miao Chen
DC-2007--Singapore Proceedings Using Metadata Schema Registry as a Core Function to Enhance Usability and Reusability of Metadata Schemas Abstract   PDF
Mitsuharu Nagamori, Shigeo Sugimoto
DC-2013--The Lisbon Proceedings Using Metadata Standards to Improve IMF and National Data Abstract   PDF (Extended Abstract)
Nalini Umashankar
DC-2006--Colima, Mexico Proceedings Using the DC Abstract Model to support application profile developers Abstract   PDF
Sarah Pulis, Liddy Nevile
DC-2003--Seattle Proceedings Using the OpenURL Framework to Locate Bibliographic Resources Abstract   PDF
Ann Apps, Ross MacIntyre
DC-2017--The Washington, D.C., USA Proceedings Using the Semantic Web to Improve Knowledge of Translations Abstract   Presentation Abstract (PDF)
Karen Sandra Smith-Yoshimura
DC-2002--Florence Proceedings Using Web Services to Interoperate Data at the FAO Abstract   PDF
Andrea Zisman, John Chelsom, Niki Dinsey, Stephen Katz, Fernando Servan
DC-2018--The Porto, Portugal Proceedings Validation of a metadata application profile domain model Abstract   Paper (PDF)
Mariana Curado Malta, Helena Bermúdez-Sabel, Ana Alice Baptista, Elena Gonzalez-Blanco
DC-2007--Singapore Proceedings Virtual Archival Exhibition System: An Authoring Tool for Developing Web-based Virtual Exhibitions Abstract   PDF
Ruan Yang, Chennupati K. Ramaiah, Schubert Foo
DC-2006--Colima, Mexico Proceedings Virtual reality learning objects of molecular structures Abstract   PDF
Miguel A. Garcia-Ruiz, Arthur Edwards, Jorge R. Gutierrez-Pulido, Ricardo Acosta-Diaz
DC-2002--Florence Proceedings Visual Representation and Contextualization of Search Results – List and Matrix Browser Abstract   PDF
Christoph Kunz, Veit Botsch
DC-2002--Florence Proceedings Visualising Interoperability: ARH, Aggregation, Rationalisation and Harmonisation Abstract   PDF
Michael Currie, Meigan Geileskey, Liddy Nevile, Richard Woodman
DC-2018--The Porto, Portugal Proceedings Visualizing Library Metadata for Discovery Abstract   Poster Abstract (PDF)   Poster (PDF)
Myung-Ja Han, Stephanie Baker, Peiyuan Zhao, Jiawei Li
DC-2010--Pittsburgh Proceedings Visualizing Metadata for Environmental Datasets Abstract   PDF
Sherry Koshman
DC-2017--The Washington, D.C., USA Proceedings VitroLib: From an ontology and instance editor to a linked data cataloging editor Abstract   Presentation Abstract (PDF)
Huda Khan, Lynette Rayle, Rebecca Younes
DC-2006--Colima, Mexico Proceedings Vocabularies for describing pedagogical approach in e-Learning: A scoping study Abstract   PDF
Sarah Currier, Sheila MacNeill, Lisa Corley, Lorna Campbell, Helen Beetham
DC-2010--Pittsburgh Proceedings Vocabulary and Taxonomy Issues When Searching Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Health LiteratureT health literature Abstract   PDF
Mary Jo Dorsey, Ellen Detlefsen
DC-2005--Madrid Proceedings Was CIMI too early? Dublin Core and Museum Information: metadata as cultural heritage data Abstract   PDF
Liddy Nevile, Sophie Lissonnet
DC-2008--Berlin Proceedings Web 2.0 Semantic Systems: Collaborative Learning in Science Abstract   PDF
Michael Shoffner, Jane Greenberg, Jacob Kramer-Duffield, David Woodbury
DC-2005--Madrid Proceedings Web services for genre vocabularies Abstract   PDF
Eric Childress, Andrew Houghton, Diane Vizine-Goetz
DC-2001--Tokyo Proceedings What Terms Does Your Metadata Use? Application Profiles as Machine-Understandable Narratives Abstract   PDF
Thomas Baker, Makx Dekkers, Rachel Heery, Manjula Patel, Gauri Salokhe
DC-2002--Florence Proceedings What’s the Use of DC.Type? Semantic and functional aspects of the role of DC.Type within a moving image metadata generation tool Abstract   PDF
Simon Pockley
DC-2011--The Hague Proceedings Which metadata for Ancient Arabic Manuscripts Cataloguing? Abstract   PDF
Mohammed Ourabah Soualah, Mohamed Hassoun
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