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DC-2010--Pittsburgh Proceedings Towards a Premodern Manuscript Application Profile Abstract   PDF
Sheila Bair, Susan Steuer
DC-2005--Madrid Proceedings Towards accessible Semantic Web applications Abstract   PDF
Lourdes Moreno, Paloma Martínez, Jesús Contreras, Richard Benjamin
DC-2006--Colima, Mexico Proceedings Towards an interoperability framework for metadata standards Abstract   PDF
Mikael Nilsson, Pete Johnston, Ambjörn Naeve, Andy Powell
DC-2011--The Hague Proceedings Towards Contextually Descriptive Embedded Metadata Abstract   PDF
Matthew Miller, Christopher J. Mullin
DC-2014--The Austin Proceedings Towards Description Set Profiles for RDF using SPARQL as Intermediate Language Abstract   PDF (Paper)
Thomas Bosch, Kai Eckert
DC-2003--Seattle Proceedings Towards Identity Conditions for Digital Documents Abstract   PDF
Allen Renear, David Dubin
DC-2009--Seoul Proceedings Towards Linked Education Data: Metadata Extraction Projects for Education Network Australia (edna) Abstract   PDF
Sarah Lindsay Hayman, Nick Lothian
DC-2016--The Copenhagen, Denmark Proceedings Towards Publishing European Poetry as Linked Open Data Abstract   Presentation (PDF)
Mariana Curado Malta, Elena Gonzalez-Blanco, Paloma Centenera
DC-2005--Madrid Proceedings Towards terminology services: Experiences with a pilot web service thesaurus browser Abstract   PDF
Douglas Tudhope, Ceri Binding
DC-2016--The Copenhagen, Denmark Proceedings Towards the Development of a Metadata Model for a Digital Cultural Heritage Collection with Focus on Provenance Information Abstract   Project Report (PDF)
Susanne Al-Eryani, Stefanie Rühle
DC-2013--The Lisbon Proceedings Towards the Representation of Chinese Traditional Music: A State of the Art Review of Music Metadata Standards Abstract   PDF (Paper)
Mi Tian, György Fazekas, Dawn Black, Mark Sandler
DC-2003--Seattle Proceedings Tracking Metadata Use for Digital Collections Abstract   PDF
Ellen Knutson, Carol Palmer, Michael Twidale
DC-2003--Seattle Proceedings Two Paths to Interoperable Metadata Abstract   PDF
Carol Jean Godby, Devon Smith, Eric Rogers Childress
DC-2015--The São Paulo Proceedings Understanding Metadata Needs when Migrating DAMS Abstract   PDF (Paper)
Ayla Stein, Santi Thompson
DC-2017--The Washington, D.C., USA Proceedings Understanding Users' Metadata Needs: How Do We Know What They Want? Abstract   Presentation Abstract (PDF)
Jeanette Norris
DC-2014--The Austin Proceedings Undressing Fashion Metadata: Ryerson University Fashion Research Collection Abstract   PDF (Extended Abstract)
Naomi Eichenlaub, Marina Morgan, Ingrid Masak-Mida
DC-2010--Pittsburgh Proceedings Universal Access to Cultural Heritage Material: The Europeana Resolution Discovery Service for Persistent Identifiers Abstract   PDF
Lars G. Svensson
DC-2011--The Hague Proceedings Universal File System Extended Attributes Namespace Abstract   PDF
Francois Revol
DC-2003--Seattle Proceedings University of Washington Early Buddhist Manuscripts Project in DSpace Abstract   PDF
Kathleen Forsythe, Alan Grosenheider, Eileen Llona, Jennifer Ward
DC-2013--The Lisbon Proceedings Use of Authorities Open Data in the ARROW Rights Infrastructure Abstract   PDF (Project Report)
Nuno Freire, Markus Muhr
DC-2010--Pittsburgh Proceedings Use of Community Metadata: Public Policy Research in PolicyArchive Abstract   PDF
Sarah Buchanan
DC-2005--Madrid Proceedings Use of Dublin Core metadata for describing and retrieving digital journals Abstract   PDF
Assumpció Estivill, Ernest Abadal, Jorge Franganillo, Jesús Gascón, J. M. Rodríguez Gairín
DC-2005--Madrid Proceedings Use of learning object vocabulary in GEM queries Abstract   PDF
Jian Qin, Javier Calzada Prado
DC-2005--Madrid Proceedings Use of the MPEG-7 standard as metadata framework for a location scouting system -- An evaluation study Abstract   PDF
Valérie Gouaillier, Langis Gagnon, Sylvain Paquette, Philippe Poullaouec-Gonidec
DC-2007--Singapore Proceedings Using an Application Profile Based Service Registry Abstract   PDF
Ann Apps
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