Providing Metadata to Historical Material on Viewer Application iPalletnexus

Norio Togiya, Mitsuhiro Tsuda, Akira Baba


The iPalletnexus development group has currently developed a viewer application, iPalletnexus. The application allows browsing of large volumes of digitized images such as pictorial diagrams, maps and paintings over networks. On iPalletnexus, it is necessary to provide metadata that describe information such as the title and the author of each resource, and the metadata must be adaptable to any type of resources since the object resources belong to various genres. However, as Japanese traditional historical materials are to be handled on iPalletnexus at the same time, the metadata also needs to contain detailed information that can be used for academic research as well. Furthermore, the metadata must also contain the digital data certification that is handled on iPalletnexus. Thus, this paper introduces novel methods for storing information unique to traditional historical materials and digital data certification in metadata while maintaining versatility by using Dublin Core.

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