Metadata on Biodiversity: Definition and Implementation

Etienne Taffoureau


SINP (Information system on nature and landscape) and
ECOSCOPE (Observation for research on biodiversity data hub) are two distinct
scientific infrastructures on biodiversity relying on different data sources and
producers. Their main objective is to document and share information on
biodiversity in France. INPN ( is the reference information
system for data related to nature. It manages and disseminates the reference
data of the "geodiversity and biodiversity" part of the SINP, and deliver the
metadata and data to GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility). For SINP
and Ecoscope projects, working groups composed of scientific organisations have
defined two compliant metadata profiles, also compliant with INSPIRE Directive,
to describe data on this thematic. These profiles are implemented using existing
metadata standards: ISO 19115/19139 (for geographic metadata) for SINP and EML
(Ecological Metadata Language) and ISO 19115/19139 for ECOSCOPE. A mapping has
also been processed between the two profiles, as well as several thesaurus for
keywords and a classification system for taxonomic identification are used, so
as to ensure interoperability between systems. The profiles are implemented in
web applications for editing and managing data (GeoSource/GeoNetwork for SINP
and an ad hoc application for ECOSCOPE). These applications allow the harvesting
of metadata using OGC/CSW (Catalog Service for the Web) standard. Next steps
will support increased metadata visibility through the automatization of

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