A Pilot Study on Linked Open Data in Cultural Heritage: A Use Case of the Taiwan Digital Archives Union Catalogue

(Sophy) Shu-Jiun Chen, Chunya Wen


The Taiwan Digital Archives Union Catalogue, with more than
5 million digitized objects described with Dublin Core-based metadata, comes
from the Taiwan E-Learning and Digital Archives Program (TELDAP) which was built
on a national scale over the past 15 years. Academia Sinica Center for Digital
Cultures (ASCDC)is now in charge of the sustainable operation. The presentation
aims to report how we adopt Linked Open Data (LOD) approach to publish these
structure data, in order to make metadata and the digitalized objects get
connected with related resources in the world. The presentation reports on 72
collections across 16 categories such as biodiversity, photos, architecture,
anthropology, rare books, Buddhist texts and paintings, discussing the LOD
design methods, issues, outcomes of the preliminary results and lessons learned,
which covers the data model, cleaning for data quality, reconciling, publishing
and applications. In addition, the different ways of LOD applications will also
be demonstrated including online exhibitions and the reuse in digital humanities

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