Save the Children Resource Libraries: Aligning Internal Technical Resource Libraries with a Public Distribution Website

Joseph A. Busch, Branka Kosovac, Katie Konrad, Martin Svensson


Save the Children (STC) is an international NGO that
promotes children's rights, provides relief and helps support children across
the globe. With international headquarters in London, STC has 30 national
members and supports local partners in over 100 countries worldwide. STC
International maintains technical infrastructures that are available to members
and local partners including SharePoint, Drupal and other information management
applications. An effort to specify and implement a common resource library for
curating and sharing internal technical resources has been underway since
November 2015. This has included an inventory of existing (but heterogeneous)
resource libraries on STC's work in the thematic area of Health and Nutrition,
and agreement on a common metadata specification and some controlled
vocabularies to be used going forward. This internal resource library has been
aligned with STC's Resource Centre (, a public
web-accessible library that hosts comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date
information on STC's work in the thematic areas of Child Protection, Child
Rights Governance and Child Poverty. The goal is to make it easy for content
curators to identify items in the internal technical resource library, and to
publish them to the public Resource Centre with a minimum transformation of
metadata required. This presentation discusses how this project has reached
consensus on how to accomodate and balance internal research and external
communications requirements by developing a light-weight application

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