Data-Driven Development of the Dewey Decimal Classification

Rebecca Green


Changes involved in maintaining the Dewey Decimal
Classification (DDC), a general classification system, have derived in the past
from many distinct sources. Without disregarding these sources, the DDC
editorial team is also considering data-driven methods of (1) identifying
existing areas of the DDC warranting further development or (2) identifying
topics with sufficient literary warrant to justify explicit inclusion in the
DDC. The use of two sources of data is under investigation. The first data
source reflects the assignment of recently created Library of Congress Subject
Headings (LCSHs) to resources described in WorldCat records (i.e., LCSHs added
within the past 5 years). The second data source reflects the assignment of
numbers from the current full edition of Dewey to WorldCat records. The topics
and schedule areas identified through these means require investigation to
ascertain if they are viable candidates for further development. Preliminary
work with these data sources reveals that the strategies hold

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