Adopting the Dublin Core Standard for Describing Open Scientific Data: The e-Quilt Prototype Experiment

Adriana Carla Silva de Oliveira, Guilherme Ataíde Dias, Renata Lemos dos Anjos, Virgínia Miranda de Souza, Pedro Luiz P. Corrêa


This research contextualizes the contemporary state of the scientific communication. The technological infrastructure, standards, protocols, tools, and methodologies are essential for scientific open data management. Our focus is on the scientific primary data and its sharing. It presents a experiment in which the prototype, named e-Quilt, is being developed. In its environment, an enhanced article and the scientific open data are presented. The research aims at adopting an infrastructure with standard and tool for upgrading the e-Quilt prototype. The adopted metadata standard was the Dublin Core. The technique was qualitative used for the independent and dependent variables. The analyze was focusing in the adequacy of the e-Quilt prototype in accordingly with the standard. The results presented that the enhanced article is complies with the Dublin Core standard.

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