Dublin Core Metadata for Research Data - Lessons Learned in a Real-World Scenario with datorium

Andias Wira Alam


As a continuation of our work in the datorium project, we provide a service for autonomous documentation and upload of research data. In this paper we discuss and share our experience of developing such a service by using Dublin Core Metadata. Even small and simple, DC Metadata is an appropriate standard to be taken as basic metadata, for instance in the repository systems. The required elements for describing research data are mostly complex, in particular the acquired information about the data, including survey methods, survey periods, or number of variables. DC Metadata cannot cover all elements needed in the research data repository. However, we show that with some extended elements and front-end based manipulations the DC Metadata can be applied usefully in this real-world scenario and support complex description without overcoming the "simplicity" of the standard.

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