DC Metadata is Alive and Well (and has Influenced a New Standard for Education)

Liddy Nevile


The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative [DCMI], as a community, has collaboratively
developed 'standards' for twenty years. DCMI recommendations have become 'international standards'
by being adopted, for example by the United States' National Information Standards Organization [NISO],
and then by promotion by them to the International Standards Organization, [ISO/IEC JTC1]. This has led
to wider implementation on one dimension, formally, still shepherded by the DCMI. Different dimensions
have emerged from significant developments within other entities and communities, such as the World Wide
Web Consortium [W3C], etc. The deliberately open nature of DCMI work has meant that people with no known
connection to DCMI can nevertheless take advantage of the DCMI work. Further, it asserts that 'DC Metadata'
is, as a result of work done by outsiders, in fact thriving in the global environment.

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