Linked Data Based Library Web Services For Economics

Joachim Neubert


A large number of library metadata
resources have become available as Linked Open Data (LOD) in the last two years. We see,
however, not much re-use of this data in library applications. The paper discusses
hurdles for a broader adoption of such resources. It suggests building lightweight
REST-oriented web service interfaces which fit well in the Web 2.0/Mash-up mindset of
the majority of application programmers. Exemplifying this approach in the field of
economics, we built and published Web Services for Economics
( based on a thesaurus, a classification, a personal and a
corporate names authority file, all on economics, and interdisciplinary mappings to
other terminological resources. Furthermore, we demonstrate how these services are
integrated in real-life library applications and how authoring and publishing platforms
can be enhanced to make use of them.

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