A Machine-Processable Dublin Core Application Profile to Analysis Patterns to provide Linked Data

Lucas Francisco da Matta Vegi, Jugurta Lisboa-Filho, Joep Crompvoets


Analysis patterns are reusable
computational artifacts aimed at the analysis stage of the software development process.
Although the analysis patterns can facilitate the work of analysts and developers, the
access to them is still very poor because of the way they are usually described and made
available. The Analysis Patterns Reuse Infrastructure (APRI) was proposed in order to
reduce these deficiencies for supporting, cataloging and encouraging the reuse of
analysis patterns. This infrastructure comprises a repository of analysis patterns
documented through a specific metadata profile and that can be accessed via Web
services. Based on the proposal of APRI, this article presents the specific metadata
profile to the documentation of analysis patterns called Dublin Core Application Profile
for Analysis Patterns (DC2AP). This application profile is described by RDF files and
identified via URI, thus providing Linked Data that increase the potential for reuse of
the analysis patterns.

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