Integrating Ontology-based Metadata Enrichment into a CMS-based Research Infrastructure

Dennis DeSpohr, Philipp Cimiano, Cord Wiljes


This abstract discusses research under development aiming to create an ecosystem of entities connected to a research institution, such as its researchers and the resources produced. In particular, we are investigating ways of being able to enter metadata descriptions in a uniform way on the one hand, and to expose them in various different formats on the other. Here, we aim at supporting current standards for metadata exchange, such as the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting, as well as the Resource Description Framework (RDF) in order to be able to interlink the descriptions with others available on the Linking Open Data (LOD) cloud. For the whole process to integrate smoothly into our existing research infrastructure, the approach presented here relies on the Open Source Content Management System Drupal, as it is at the center of our current infrastructure for managing metadata.

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