Semantic Bibliography Based on Ontology and Linked Data

Haiyan Bai, Xiaodong Qiao, Bing Liang


Our project arises from the need for bibliography organization and integration at the National Science and Technology Library (NSTL1) of China. NSTL consists of nine special national libraries serving basic sciences, agricultural sciences, medical sciences and engineering. The union catalog emphasizes on academic resources, including more than 20,000 journals, 100,000 proceedings and 10,000 reports. Traditional bibliography organization methods provide index points and access points based on MARC fields or subfields, but it does not distinguish information objects extracted from bibliography and does not show the hierarchical or related relationships between them. The goal of our project is to identify, describe and organize the characteristics and relationships of all kinds of bibliography objects, so that end users can access and browse them. We focus on the multiplicity of information forms, the variability in information life circle and the complexity of hybrid objects.

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