FRBR: A Generalized Approach to Dublin Core Application Profiles

Maja Zumer, Marcia Lei Zeng, Athena Salaba


According to the Singapore Framework, any development of a Dublin Core Application Profile (DCAP) has to include the creation of a domain model. DC Scholarly Works Application Profile (SWAP) was the first one explicitly using Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) model in creating its domain model. FRBR has recently been extended with Functional Requirements for Authority Data (FRAD) and Functional Requirement for Subject Authority Data (FRSAD) thus forming the so-called FRBR family. This paper first further develops the SWAP domain model to incorporate the FRBR family models. Then a generalized FRBR-family-based DCAP domain model is presented to be used as the basis for specific domain application profiles.

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