Metadata application profile: Integrating different metadata schemes for cataloguing digital learning material collection at Biblioteca Francisco Xavier Clavigero, Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México.

Alma B Rivera Aguilera, Magaly Vega Lopez, Acalia Pozo-Marrero


This poster reports a project which respond to the institutional needs of storage and preservation of teacher and student memories captured in digital learning material. Also propose a system for retrieval of digital learning material through adequate metadata and taking advantage of full text content. The main objective of the project is provide adequate storage, preservation and retrieval of digital learning material through appropriate metadata tags and pertinent digital collection software management selection. Some of the benefits are exposure, sharing and preservation of digital learning materials produced by the university community and the use of open software. The barriers founded were lack of regular practices about copyright issues and institutional policies. The most important result of the project is a system of storage and retrieval of digital learning material based in Greenstone with an application profile metadata based in Dublin Core, Learning Object Metadata and local labels. Besides, this experience permits the conceptualization of a model for developing application profiles for other digital collections. In the future we hope to design, develop and offer to the community a social network system to facilitate the description, social tagging and sharing of learning digital material which will improve the current system characteristics.

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