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DC-2014--The Austin Proceedings

Papers, Project Reports and Posters for DC-2014 in Austin, Texas, 8-11 October 2014

Table of Contents

Introductions and Committees PDF

Full Papers

Linked Data Mapping Cultures: An Evaluation of Metadata Usage and Distribution in a Linked Data Environment PDF (Paper)
Konstantin Baierer, Evelyn Dröge, Vivien Petras, Violeta Trkulja 1-11
The Digital Public Library of America Ingestion Ecosystem: Lessons Learned After One Year of Large-Scale Collaborative Metadata Aggregation PDF (Paper)
Mark A. Matienzo, Amy Rudersdorf 12-23
How Descriptive Metadata Changes in the UNT Libraries' Collections: A Case Study PDF (Paper)
Hannah Tarver, Oksana Zavalina, Mark Phillips, Daniel Alemneh, Shadi Shakeri 43-52
Metadata Integration for an Archaeology Collection Architecture PDF (Paper)
Sivakumar Kulasekaran, Jessica Trelogan, Maria Esteva, Michael Johnson 53-63
Dublin Core Metadata for Research Data - Lessons Learned in a Real-World Scenario with datorium PDF (Paper)
Andias Wira Alam 64-73
The ARK Identifier Scheme: Lessons Learnt at the BnF and Questions Yet Unanswered PDF (Paper)
Sébastien Peyrard, John A. Kunze, Jean-Philippe Tramoni 83-94
Requirements on RDF Constraint Formulation and Validation PDF (Paper)
Thomas Bosch, Kai Eckert 95-108
Extracting Description Set Profiles from RDF Datasets using Metadata Instances and SPARQL Queries PDF (Paper)
Tsunagu Honma, Kei Tanaka, Mitsuharu Nagamori, Shigeo Sugimoto 109-118
The 1:1 Principle in the Age of Linked Data PDF (Paper)
Richard J. Urban 119-128
Towards Description Set Profiles for RDF using SPARQL as Intermediate Language PDF (Paper)
Thomas Bosch, Kai Eckert 129-137
Provenance Description of Metadata using PROV with PREMIS for Long-term Use of Metadata PDF (Paper)
Chunqiu Li, Shigeo Sugimoto 147-156
Interlinking Cross Language Metadata Using Heterogeneous Graphs and Wikipedia PDF (Paper)
Xiaozhong Liu, Miao Chen, Jian Qin 157-166

Project Reports

Applying a linked data compliant model: The usage of the Europeana Data Model by the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek PDF (Project Report)
Stefanie Rühle, Francesca Schulze, Michael Büchner 24-30
Designing a Multi-level Metadata Standard based on Dublin Core for Museum Data PDF (Project Report)
Jing Wan, Yubin Zhou, Gang Chen, Junkai Yi 31-36
"Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi": A New Metadata Approach in the Third World with the eGranary Digital Library PDF (Project Report)
Deborah Maron, Cliff Missen, Jane Greenberg 37-42
Metadata for Research Data: Current Practices and Trends PDF (Project Report)
Sharon Farnel, Ali Shiri 74-82
Describing Theses and Dissertations Using PDF (Project Report)
Jeff Keith Mixter, Patrick OBrien, Kenning Arlitsch 138-146
Automated Enhancement of Controlled Vocabularies: Upgrading Legacy Metadata in CONTENTdm PDF (Project Report)
Andrew Weidner, Annie Wu, Santi Thompson 167-172


Retaining Metadata in Remixed Cultural Heritage Objects PDF (Extended Abstract)
Jamie Viva Wittenberg 173-175
Embedded Metadata -- A Tool for Digital Excavation PDF (Extended Abstract)
Ana Cox 176-178
Dublin Core to Ensure Interoperability between Models Generated by Tools of Species Distribution Modeling PDF (Extended Abstract)
Cleverton Ferreira Borba, Pedro Luiz P. Correa 179-180
Building Bridges to the Future of a Distributed Network: From DiRT Categories to TaDiRAH, a Methods Taxonomy for Digital Humanities PDF (Extended Abstract)
Jody Perkins, Quinn Dombrowski, Luise Borek, Christof Schöch 181-183
Metadata Workflows Across Research Domains: Challenges and Opportunities for Supporting the DFC Cyberinfrastructure PDF (Extended Abstract)
Adrian T. Ogletree 184-186
A Cooperative Project by Libraries and Museums of China: Metadata Standards for the Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage PDF (Extended Abstract)
Ying Feng, Long Xiao 187-190
Undressing Fashion Metadata: Ryerson University Fashion Research Collection PDF (Extended Abstract)
Naomi Eichenlaub, Marina Morgan, Ingrid Masak-Mida 191-195

ISSN: 1939-1366